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Business Approach

Our approach

ADx connects the different players in the neurodegenerative biomarker field. We maintain a close and personal relationship with our extensive academic network. This important gateway provides ADx exclusive access to top-notch antibodies for implementation into diagnostic tests.Together with our academic partners, we identify and develop new biomarkers, validate new and existing markers and look for different applications of existing biomarkers.

IVD companies incorporate the ADx biomarkers and antibodies in various automated platforms and test kits. Pharmaceutical companies apply the ADx antibodies and services to accelerate and improve the design of clinical trials in search of novel and effective therapies preempting disease. These collaborations include continuous support to further develop and implement these tests into easy-to-use kits for automated platforms.

The ADx diagnostics help physicians to identify and personalize new therapies for patients.
They are used to look for target engagement and to screen, identify and diagnose patients on a large scale, accelerating clinical trials in search of novel therapies addressing neurodegenerative diseases.

ADx NeuroSciences brings an important added value to each of these stakeholders. Together, with collaborative effort, we can drastically improve diagnostics and search for new treatments and truly change the lives of the patients we serve.