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Expertise & Technology


ADx is an R&D-focused company and continuously scouts for new target biomarkers that can be used to develop high-quality detection assays.


The ADx diagnostic tests are built upon unique, monoclonal antibodies. Developing, selecting, and producing optimally performant antibodies is true craftsmanship and requires years of experience. The ADx scientists are experts in the neurodegenerative biomarker field and developed indispensable know-how in attaining top-notch antibodies.


A series of unique proprietary cell lines producing state-of-the art antibodies, put ADx NeuroSciences at a forefront position developing novel biomarkers optimally designed to detect specific neurodegenerative disorders.
These antibodies are used for biomarker assay development and validation on multiple platforms. Also possibilities for drug-diagnostic co-development are reviewed.

ADx Biomarkers

Novel biomarker assays must out-perform current tests and have an added analytical value. ADx develops its own proprietary stand-alone biomarkers and in-licenses newly discovered markers from academic and industrial partners.


Our extensive academic network grants us access to both new markers and high quality antibodies for their detection. Once the proof-of-concept of a potential new marker has been obtained, the best performing antibodies and technologies are identified and selected.


With more than 40 years of combined experience in the field, the company develops and commercializes analytically and clinically validated best-in-class biomarker kits.

Companion diagnostics

Some therapies are more suited for specific patient subgroups. Companion diagnostics are used to determine which patients benefit from a certain type of medication.

The FDA strongly supports the development of new therapies in combination with companion diagnostics. ADx develops and co-develops tailor-made, new-generation companion diagnostics for neurodegenerative disorders.

The diagnostics are developed in close collaboration with academic research centers, the pharmaceutical companies and in-vitro diagnostic and technology platform companies. They take into account the specific requirements of clinical trials to develop better and more efficient therapies.