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To employ biomarkers to diagnose disease and disease progression, tools need to be developed to detect these markers in patients.

ADx collaborates with IVD companies in Europe, US, Japan and China developing biomarker assays. The ADx biomarkers and antibodies are integrated in various automated platforms and test kits. We provide improved, novel biomarkers and top-notch antibodies, revered by our collaborators.


"ADx NeuroSciences ranks among the top-3 companies worldwide in neurodegenerative biomarker development"
- Kevin Hrusovsky, CEO Quanterix, USA

ADx qualifies the antibodies to the needs of its partners. Close interaction between ADx and its IVD partners is mandatory and helps to select and manufacture the optimal antibodies in function of the technology platform. Further on, prototypes are developed by ADx to a point that allows the IVD partner straightforward industrialization and commercialization of the diagnostic test kits.