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Many people suffer from dementia and other neurodegenerative conditions, and the number of patients keeps increasing. Unfortunately, little therapy is available for patients suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other neurodegenrative diseases like Parkinson's.

The pharmaceutical companies are actively searching for improved therapies to help these patients. However, testing these new therapies in large clinical trials is very demanding. Pharmaceutical companies can rely on the ADx antibodies and services to accelerate and improve the design of clinical trials. The ADx technology and expertise help to design and develop the biomarkers that will allow to look for target engagement in pre-clinical development but also to screen, identify and follow up patients on a large scale in relevant clinical trials.


"Too often our internallly developed biomarkers hit the wall when we want to use them in clinical trials. We therefore rely on biomarker development expertise at ADx to develop robust and sensitive assays for our (pre-)clinical drug development. They understand the biology of the biomarkers. We stay in the driver seat but ADx does the rest." 
- Senior Pharma Biomarker Director

ADx helps pharmaceutical companies to forward therapeutic candidates from pre-clinical studies into clinical trials with its well designed biomarkers. ADx collaborates with pharmaceutical companies on a global scale. A first step in such a collaboration is to develop the antibodies and the needed assay. If an analytical reliable test is available we can then provide pre-clinical trial sample testing service (animal + human). Later on, test kits are upscaled and manufactured by our IVD partners in order to be used in the clinical trials.