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22/10/2018 News, Events

Plasma Aß1-42/Aß1-40

An EDTA-plasma Aß1-42/Aß1-40 Simoa assay for differentiation of AD from healthy control subjects (late breaking poster)

Presenter: Jeroen Van Brabant


We developed a SimoA research assay to quantity Aß1-42/Aß1-40 in EDTA plasma samples.
Feasibility data revealed good distinction between subjects with AD and healthy controls (selected based on CSF biomarker profiles) when using the ratio Aß1-42/Aß1-40.
Results of the feasibility study were confirmed after transfer of the assay and initiation of the production process.
This assay format will be qualified for integration into clinical testing.
The panel will be extended in the near future with other analytes.

A prototype SIMOA assay quantifying plasma amyloid beta 1-42 and 1-40 isoforms can differentiate AD from healthy control subjects (P136)

Presenter: Charlotte Teunissen



An ultra-sensitive molecular immuno-assay for quantification of human SNAP25 in cerebrospinal fluid (P125)

Presenter: Eugeen Vanmechelen


The present data confirm results for SNAP25 in CSF by mass spectrometry analyses. The proof-of-concept strengthens the further development and validation of the immuno-assay. Accompanied with other pre- and post-synaptic biomarker assays (eg, α-synuclein, neurogranin), the new assay may help the field to explore whether synaptic markers reflect synaptic degeneration and whether normalized levels of these synaptic markers may serve as an early surrogate marker in specific stages of the disease for disease-modifying therapies in AD, and/or other synaptopathies.


Blood biomarkers for AD clinical trials

We also recommend the keynote speach by Randall Bateman on Wednesday 24th at 4.30pm

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